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Kauffman Seeds Inc. of Haven, Kansas, is a full-service seed business. Cover Crops, Alfalfa, and Wheat, are sold under Kauffman Seeds, Inc. We work with all farmers regardless of their size operation. In addition to selling on a retail program, we also do contract production on Wheat, Soybeans, and other specialty crops for this area.  During the last few years, greater emphasis has been placed on Cover Crops for the No-Till farmers. Selling seed into twenty-five states and still counting.  All of our Corn, Soybeans, and Grain Sorghums’ are tested to handle our South Central Kansas hot, dry environment.    “Locally adapted Genetics” with the freedom of choice to select technologies that fit your needs and your farm for more profit.

Kauffman Seeds was started in 1965 by Edward Kauffman as an Alfalfa seed cleaning business.  In 1972 Jerry and Lois Wyse started taking over the business from Lois’s dad.  At that time, certified wheat was added to the business.   The mid-eighties saw the introduction of Soybeans both in production and processing.  Seed wheat, alfalfa, and soybeans were the mainstay of the operation.  In 1995 Midland Genetics was formed as several seed companies joined forces to launch a breeding program to get ready for the introduction of Roundup Ready Soybeans.  Corn, Grain Sorghum, and Forages were added to the selling lines all under the Midland Genetics brand name. In 2005 Tom Clayman and Dustin Miller purchased Kauffman Seeds from Jerry and Lois Wyse. The current ownership has maintained the business as it was and has added cover crops to facilitate more of our customers’ needs.

Kauffman Seeds main interest is in making sure all of our customers get the best quality seed for their needs, whether it is selecting field crops or cover crops.  We are constantly looking for the newest products in the marketplace that will allow customers the best chance for making a profit.
It isn’t only about the highest yield, but how much profit you make per acre. We want to make sure every customer has a good feeling about what they are doing with seed purchased here.  We are here to serve and help answer your questions regardless of how trivial they may be. Either E-mail us or for a more personal touch, give us a call.  We would be glad to help you with your questions or problems.


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